Top 20 Public Speaking Tips

Top 20 Public Speaking Tips
By Cynthia Zhai

These are the 20 fundamental public speaking tips I summarized from my training and coaching practices. The list covered a wide range from structuring your speech, using body language and your voice, to how to connect better with your audience.
#1: Wrong way of breathing will only increase your stress and nervousness before your stage time. 99% of people have shallow breathing. Are you one of them? To become 1%, practice deep breathing from today.

#2: A physical barrier between you and your audience leads to a mental barrier.

#3: Don’t ADD variety in your voice. Relive the emotion in your speech and the variety of your voice will flow.

#4: Are you making full use of your stage? Hey, I’m not talking about walking all over the place aimlessly. Instead, give each spot of your stage a meaning.

#5: How do you raise your voice? Did you find yourself end up with shouting? You can avoid that by the correct way of breathing.

#6: Do you build Curiosity in your speech? If your audience is not curious throughout your speech, you’ll lose the connection.

#7: To sound conversational, build companionship with your audience.

#8: Take a deep breath before you talk. It will give your voice resonance and make you sound more powerful.

#9: Do you start your story with “Let me tell you a story”? Stop it. Lead the audience into your story without them realizing it.

#10: The secret to never memorizing your speech is in the structure. Structure wisely for internalization and visualization.

#11: Curiosity is king in connecting with your audience. It’s the pre-requisite in getting your message across.

#12: Do you swallow syllables? Enunciation is essential in not only retaining the connection with your audience, but projecting a positive and powerful image of you as a speaker.

#13: Short words and sentences bring brevity and clarity. Your audience will be more likely to follow your speech.

#14: Are you using your throat as voice amplifier? No wonder you’ll get strained:-) Use your chest to amplify your voice instead.

#15: When you are the speaker, you are in charge in the room. Be responsible to your audience and you’ll feel less nervous.

#16: Do you have too much reasoning in your speech that put your audience lost with a wide open mouth? Replace it with a metaphor.

#17: Don’t drink milk or coffee before any presentation. It will affect the projection of your voice.

#18: Do you have the right persona to speak persuasively? Do you look & sound persuasive? Focus on building this invisible persuader.

#19: Your real voice is what others hear, not what you hear. These two are incompatible. Record yourself more to hear the difference.

#20: In speaking, it is the short and simple words that are more effective and memorable.

Cynthia is a voice and speech coach and trainer, based in Singapore. She helps you discover your inner true voice that is authentic and confident. She also helps organizations on voice and presentation skills training.
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