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The Main Functions of the Human Resources Department

The primary focus of Human Resource Management (HRM) is attracting, motivating and retaining the most qualified employees to implement the organization’s strategic plan effectively and efficiently.

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360 Degree Feedback Is an Important Tool for Managers and Employees

360 degree feedback is a useful and important tool in either a performance management or employee development process or both.

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Two Principles That Optimize Training Effectiveness!

With employee development programs projected to increase, there’s good reason to want the biggest return on your training investment!

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Rethink the Way You Conduct Online Meetings

Online meetings – designed to save time, reduce costs and communicate with a global workforce, right? In a perfect online world, maybe so.

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Call Center Training

Five Employee Training Recommendations

Employee development and training isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s a well known fact that trained employees are the key to the success of any organization.

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The Best Examples of Key Performance Indicators

Choice of key performance indicators is perhaps one of the most important stages in implementation of Balanced Scorecard.

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What Do Employees Want?

A recent study by the society for Human Resource Management, a leading American HR organization, identified that the top key issue facing organizations in the next ten years is the attraction,

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Human Resource Management: Types of Training and Benefits in the Work Environment

Effective human resource management often requires training so that individuals working in the HR environment are equipped with the newest ideas, tools, and best practices

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Employee Vs Independent Contractor – Which One is Better?

Human resource is the sustenance of any growing business, even if you are a sole proprietor; you need to have some helping hands to successfully manage your business. When the need arises, small businesses have to decide between hiring an independent contractor and a full time employee. In today’s business world, one has to consider several points before making a business decisions

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Collision of Training and Employee Performance!

The success of any business or any organization whether it is private or public mainly depends on the quality of its human resource.

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