Call Center Pricing Models

Call Center Pricing Models

Call Center Pricing and Cost Models

This area is very beneficial for those that need to run quick calculations on different inbound and outbound pricing options.

Have you ever wondered what the per hour rate will be if you use a pay for performance sales model?  How about a per cost or per minute rate structure?

This information can be very useful.  And that is why we decided to put together the following tools for you to use:


  1. Per Call calculations
  2. Per minute calculations
  3. Per Sale Calculations.
  4. Staffed Hour Calculations


  1. Per sale – Pay for performance
  2. Per Call
  3. Staffed Hour

Includes all metric inputs

Cost of Goods (COG):

– This is an awesome tool to calculate what you hourly cost will be.  Using this allows you to understand your profitability.


All of these tools allow you to change the inputs and press just one button to find out what the result will be.  It is that easy.

Try using them now…

  1. Inbound Pricing Model
  2. Outbound Pricing Model
  3. Cost of Goods

Call Center Pricing Models