Customer Service Success by Adapting to Personality Style


We are all a combination of four behavioural personality styles:

Some of the names given to these temperaments:
* expressive; sanguine; synergistic; integration
* dominant; choleric; win-lose; power
* analytical; melancholic; yield-lose; suppression
* solid; phlegmatic; lose-leave; denial

When you learn to recognise and adapt to these diverse styles you will be able to communicate more successfully with them.

When you are flexible and work with to your customer’s personality style it means you are presenting your product or service in a way that has the most meaning to them – and not necessarily in the way that feels the most normal to you. Below is a list of how you can best approach each style:

The Analytical/Thinking Customer:

If a person has this style they are focused on facts, not feelings, and views. They make decisions from a logical perspective. Some of the important things to keep in mind are:

* Put information in writing with lots of detail
* Show the customer hard proof of the claims you are making about the benefits of our services
* Be professional in your presentation style
* Show how the service has little or no risk

The Dominant/Task Focussed Customer:

A person with this style focuses on producing bottom-line results quickly. The dominant style makes decisions fast and independently. Once they make decisions about something, it is difficult to change their mind. Some of the important things to do when approaching customers with this style are:

* Let them feel that they have control over the process
* Make it easy and convenient for them to do business with you
* Assure them that you will follow through and deal with loose end once the process is over
* Show them how your service will help them reach their objectives

The Expressive/Outgoing Customer:

Someone with this style is the most enthusiastic of all the styles. Expressive types make their decisions based on how excited they feel about you and your service. Here are some of the important things to do when dealing with customers of this style:

* Make you approach or presentation fun and interesting
* Assure them that you will take care of the details
* Follow up with them in agreements made
* Let them know how the product/service will make them more successful

The Solid/Easy Going Customer:

A solid customer is the most feeling oriented of the four styles. They often take a little longer to decided and base their decisions on how comfortable they feel with the service person and the service. They can become stubborn and resist if you don’t give them time and space to think. Some of the important things to keep in mind when dealing with this style are:

* Don’t rush their decisions; let them decide in their own time
* Work with them as a partner
* Explain to them, with confidence, how the service will work
* Ask them questions during the presentation to find out how they feel about what is being discussed

Remember, it’s not what you say or do to your customer that’s most important but if you are being heard and understood. Communicate in such a way that your message comes across and reaches the mind and heart and not just the ears.

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