Quick Glance at Call Center Games

Call Center Games – contains over 100 incredibly useful templates to improve all levels of performance.  

Each template is designed to help motivate your team, which improves morale, resulting in improved sales performance.

Utilize this tool to drive any type of performance goal you may have.  It works well when multiple teams are all competing for the same goals, but works just as well within your team.

What is Call Center Games?

Call Center Games is a collection of sales and productivity improvement games that has proven a guaranteed success rate over the past couple of years. You will find that each one of the templates has been organized and laid out so you can start improving performance immediately.  (Just Updated!)

Approach To Productivity

If you are looking for new ways to motivate your team…if you are looking for new methods to make call center work fun and exciting… if you're looking for activities to boost morale and drive performance, look no further.

Call Center Games has over 100 templates to drive any type of call center goal you want to improve.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What Are The Bonuses That Come With Call Center Games?

How Did It Go Form!
We’ve also added our own “How Did It Go” Form to the packet. With this form you can measure how successful these and other games drive performance in your call center. This was not included in previous versions of this packet and has been added at no extra fee! $19.95 value.

Call Center Best Practices Premium Content
CallCenterBestPractice.com is the leading solution site for call center professionals.  Consider it as your own personal high paid consultant for a fraction of the cost.  You’ll get all the answers from the Best Practices of the top call centers in our industry.  You’ll get access to incredible solutions that will help save you time and allow you to provide a greater level of performance.

This is a 30-day free trial.  After your free trial expires you will be billed $19.95 a month.  You can cancel at anytime and you’ll receive details with your sign-up email.   Or you can visit our support area and easily request to discontinue this membership and not be billed.

2. Is There a Guarantee for Call Center Games?

Absolutely!  We offer a no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee.  Our goal is to improve your results and if we cannot do that or you feel that this resource is not for you, for whatever reason, just let use know and we will immediate refund your purchase.

3. What If I Want To Cancel?

It’s a simple process.  Simply use this form to send me and my team a message that you want to cancel and we will ensure that you are not billed any longer.  Call Center Games is a one time payment.  If you decide to cancel the bonus membership to CallCenterBestPractices then simply do so here.

4. How Is Call Center Games Delivered?

Once The Transaction is Processed (2 minutes), you’ll have immediate access to Call Center Games, as well as the Call Center Best Practices 30-Day Free Trial.

5. How DO I Get Access To The Bonuses?

Once you sign up you will receive a registration link to your materials.  Simply sign-up, and download Call Center Games as well as you will then have full access to all of the Call Center Best Practices Premium Content.


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