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How would you like to have the closely guarded secrets of the most successful contact center leaders in our industry?

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“As a Call Center Professional it Really Doesn’t Make Sense to Reinvent the Wheel When It Comes To Performance Management.”

You could even use this to develop your front-line leaders.

For some reason front-line leadership has, either lost sight or just doesn’t know what the most effective methods are. So everybody works really hard and only achieves lackluster results.

This is really a shame, especially when the solutions have already been discovered and are available to those that are committed to excelling in the call center / contact center industry.

Work Smart and use Call Center best practices!

Call Center Best Practices have already been tested and many of the top “in the know” leaders are using then daily to achieve amazing call center results.

Funny thing is that these “best practice” solutions are at your fingertips and you need to decide if you’re going to work smart or continue to work hard.

Dear Call Center Professional, My name is Greg Meares and I’ve been in the call center industry for more than 18 years and without fail I’ve seen it all.

No matter if the calls are handled in an outsourcing environment or in house, performance problems are always an issue.

…and there are two reasons that front-line leaders are not successful;

  1. They take no action to improve the situation or
  2. They apply the wrong solution to correct the problem.

But the key here is to be proactive and build an organization that is using a system or a set of systems to always improve performance. The critical key is doing it before the issue becomes an issue.

Your organization with thrive once these processes are put into place to drive the proper behaviors and focus.

Using “Best Practices” To Drive Call Center Performance Creating consistency and a purpose driven organization is a reality once embracing time-tested proven best practices.

Hopefully by now you’re wondering what these are?

Follow These “Best Practice” Performance Solutions For “Best In Class” Performance Delivery

Here are the things that I focus on to improve day-today performance, which has a monthly net effect on overall performance.

As you can see it’s always better to take a holistic approach to Call Center Performance. If you don’t then you have the Wack-a-mole effect (chasing issues and fixing them one at a time, only to find another one pops-up.)

As a safe bet in the call center industry, if you don’t pro-actively provide a system of performance solutions then you are always going to be reactive, resulting in Murphy’s law derailing your actions.

Not a good thing, but you can prevent this…

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Call Center Best Practices Guarantee

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To All Your Success!

Greg Meares



About The Author

Greg Meares

As a Sr. Consultant for Performance Connections, Inc., Greg's primary objective is to provide value to organizations that are focused on raising brand awareness. Additionally Greg works on improving the customer experience, through business process re-engineering, and call center best practices. Greg is an industry expert and is often called upon to provide his analysis and solution oriented approach to improving performance in the BPO and Call Center industry.