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As a Call Center Professional it Really Doesn't Make Sense to Re-Invent the Wheel When It Comes To Performance Management.

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The Solution Has Already Been Discovered

Often times the best solution is using time-tested solutions to improve performance and achieving goals.

But for some reason front-line leadership has, either lost sight or just doesn’t know what the most effective methods are.  So everybody works really hard with lackluster results.

That is a shame, especially when the solution has already been discovered.

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Work Smart and Use “Best Practices!”

They've already been tested and many of the top “in the know” leaders are using then daily to achieve amazing call center results.

Funny thing is that these “best practice” solutions are at your fingertips and you need to decide if you’re going to work smart or not.

Dear Call Center Professional, My name is Greg Meares and I’ve been in the call center industry for more than 18 years and without fail I've seen it all.

No matter if the calls are handled in an outsourcing environment or in house, performance problems are always an issue.

…and there are two reasons that front-line leaders are not successful;

  1. They take no action to improve the situation or
  2. They apply the wrong solution to correct the problem.

But the key here is to be proactive and build an organization that is using a system or a set of systems to always improve performance. The critical key is doing it before the issue becomes an issue.

Your organization with thrive once these processes are put into place to drive the proper behaviors and focus.

Using “Best Practices” To Drive Call Center Performance Creating consistency and a purpose driven organization is a reality once embracing time-tested proven best practices.

Utilize this tool to drive any type of performance goal you may have.  It works well when multiple teams are all competing for the same goals, but works just as well within your team.

It’s always better to take a holistic approach to performance. If you don’t then you have the Wack-a-mole effect (chasing issues and fixing them one at a time, only to find another one pops-up.)

As a safe bet in the call center industry, if you don’t pro-actively provide a system of performance solutions then you are always going to be reactive resulting in Murphy’s law getting you.

That’s why Call Center Best Practices was developed.  We provide the top solutions to common operational call center issues.

Greg Meares CallCenterBestPractices.com

Take Action and Be Rewarded
You'll Find That Your Goals Are Easier To Achieved!

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The Call Center Best Practices team is so convinced that the information on this site will help you and your call center teams deliver better results, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days. You can cancel at any time. In fact, all you have to do is use the form on our Contact Us page to send your request to our customer support team.

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Listen To What Other Call Center Professionals Are Saying

“I was just out of ideas for new performance drivers and it was clear my team’s morale was low. After running a few suggested contests our sales were higher and I could tell the team was enjoying work.”

Tina, Sales Supervisor, Dallas, Texas

“Our employee base was not happy and it was affecting our performance.  So we decided to give Call Center Premium a chance. Almost immediately, people began to improve their performance using the tips.  I highly recommend this tool to all call center leaders.”

Karl, Site Director, Allentown, PA

“I’m the training manager for a large Outsourced call center. We had difficulties hitting our clients goals but we used call center games to change all of that.  Our employees really seem to enjoy the competition and other areas such as attendance, has improved.”

Jenny, Training Manager, Salina, KS

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Your Satisfaction is guaranteed!, Our goal is to make your life easier and to provide outstanding content that will propel you and or your team to the next level of call center performance.  If for any reason, you decide that the Premium Content is not for you, then simply let me know, and I will make sure you will not receive another invoice. It is as simple as that!

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Greg Meares, CallCenterBestPractices.com

“Call Center Best Practices provides outstanding tools and resources for those in the call center industry that are looking for ideas and solutions with tried and tested methods to help drive performance.“

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  • 1000's of articles, spread out over 36+ Categories for Easy location
  • Complete 'Leading For Results' Front-Line Leadership Development Plan
  • Templates To Motivate and Increase Productivity for your Front-Line Agents
  • SMART Goals Online Form That Will Allow You To Set Objectives and Goals
  • Revenue and Costing Models To Help Determine Profitability and To Identify Your Costs
  • Call Center Games (All 105 Templates)
  • How Did We Do Form (Call Center Games)
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Have A Question...? Get Common Answers Below

Below you'll find common questions and answers about both our free and premium membership.  Discover the power and value of becoming a member of Call Center Best Practices.  Your life will certainly get easier once you do.

  • Q.How Is The Call Center Best Practices Content Delivered?

    A.Once The Transaction is Processed (2 minutes), you’ll immediate have access to Call Center Premium content.

  • Q.How Do I Sign-Up?

    A.It’s Simple, right below these FAQ, you’ll find a button to complete your transaction.

  • Q.What If I want To Cancel?

    A.It’s a simple process.  Simply use this form to send me and my team a message that you want to cancel and we will ensure that you are not billed any longer.  Call Center Games is a one time payment.  If you decide to cancel the bonus membership to CallCenterBestPractices then simply do so here.

  • Q.Once I Sign-up How Do I Get All Of The Content?

    A.Once you sign up you will receive a registration link to your materials.  Simply sign-up, and download Call Center Games.

  • Q.How Can I Use The Leadership Development Modules?

    A.This is an amazing front-line leadership development program that was developed to bring newly hired team leads up to speed.  There are 15 participant modules and 15 facilitator modules (use this to formally train.)  Or this system can be used module by module based on your Call Center needs.

  • Q.What Are The SMART Goals Online Form All About?

    A.SMART goals stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, and Time-bound.  This is an extremely effective way for your team Leads/Supervisors to set specific and achievable goals.  CallCenterBestPractices.com but this form online for easy access and completion.  Simply fill it in the export it.

  • Q.Call Center Webinars? What Is This?

    A.Throughout the month the Premium Content membership will have Call Center Webinars to discuss what is working right now.  Learn the tactics to drive performance, increase various KPIs and improve your center.

  • Q.Who Is Greg Meares and Why Should I Listen To Him?

    A.Greg has worked in the Call Center Industry for 24 years now and has run some very large and successful operations.  He currently is a Senior Consultant working globally, helping organizations all of the world improve their call center results.  He provides much of the same material that he charges his clients on this site for penny’s on the dollar.

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