Advertising on Call Center Best Practices

Advertise on Call Center Best Practices

Advertising on Call Center Best Practices

Advertise Your Business

Using Call Center Best Practices to advertise your brand and/or to assist you with Search Engine Optimization just makes sense.  And many are taking advantage of this.  Below you will find the details about the advertising methods available to you.

Adding Site Links:

There are several methods you can employ to help drive more traffic to your product or service and you will find them below.

Submit an Article/Press Release – This is a great method because you can create the entire message that you want your readers to receive.  In addition, you can identify your anchor text and link that back to your website. 

  • Requirements:
    • the articles need to be well written and free from any spelling and grammatical errors.  Me or somebody from my team will read the copy to make sure it meets our required specifications.
    • All articles must be relevant to Call Center Best Practices.
  • Costs: 
    • there are two options you have access to, monthly or a one time payment.
      • $24.97/Monthly
      • $147 one-time payment
    •  Once your article is published it will be live and active indefinitely.  This allows you to not only gain traffic immediately but it also allows you to increase over time the volume of that traffic to your site.
Links – there are two options and each choice allows your link to be visible on all of the pages through out the site.
Already Published Content – You can add you anchor text and link to an existing article, however, that article has to be written by our team.  We do not allow links from one company to be active on another’s article.  This protects the investment for each advertiser.
  • Cost:
    • $20/month or a
    • one time fee of $97 (your link will be active for the life of the site)
Add your link to our side-bar – We have a right sidebar on the home page and any additional pages have both a left and right sidebar.
  • Right Sidebar – $47/month or a one time payment of $297
  • Left Sidebar –  $17/month or a one time payment of $67
Banners: – We offer a variety of banners to be displayed on the site.  Below are the sizes and cost.
  • Right Sidebar -banner are displayed on the home page as well as all subsequent pages.  This is prime real estate, and gets a lot of eyeballs.
    • Cost:
      • 234 x 60 = $125/month
      • 125 x 125 = $150/month
      • 250 x 250 = $500/month
      • 160 x 600 = $750/month
  • Left Sidebar – These do not show up on the home page, however they are viewable on all other pages.  Since our page views are so high, this is a great option with a reduced cost.
    • Cost:
      • 234 x 60 = $47/month
      • 125 x 125 = $67/month
      • 120 x 600 = $147/month
  • Banner Rotation – Within each page we rotate banners on the top of the article (468 x 60), in the body of the article (250 x 250) and at the bottom of the article (468 x 60.)  The maximum we rotate is 4 banners.  So at the very least your banner will display 25% of the time.  At the most it will be displayed 100% of the time.
Newsletter (Current List Size is xxxxxxx):
  • Solo mailings – your message is emailed to our list of subscribers.  These ads need to be on target with the call center niche and your ad will.  Cost $97 per mailing. 
  • Newsletter –   Your add will be sent with other promotions as part of our newsletter (this is sent on a weekly basis.)  Cost $47
If you are interested in advertising please let me know by submitting the form below and indicating which advertising options you would like to purchase.  In addition, if you have any questions, you can also get them answered using this form.

Disclaimer: makes no claims regarding the results you’ll achieve.  This is all dependent on your article, ad, anchor text and banner copy.
… but you do have to get in the game!
To your success!