Activity vs Results In Your Call Center

I use to have a boss that would say…”Don’t confuse activity with results!”

At the time this made a lot of sense and I firmly believed in this philosophy.  But I discovered that it wasn’t black and white, like my bosses statement.

Sometimes activity is good but only if it leads to results or at least the ultimate goal of a result.

Effective coaching, training and leadership development fall into this category

However the point is even more clear when you look at it from a tactical and strategic point of view.

Yes, coaching, training and leadership development can be viewed as an unproductive activity when looking at it from a tactical perspective.  However, eventually, if this activity is effective, it will lead to results.

So strategically these activities produce a resounding yes when asked the question…”is this productive?”

Call Center TeamworkActivity based initiatives also have another very powerful effect…

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