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The company, Performance Connections, Inc began to develop a Call Center / Contact Center portal as a place to share and store call center best practices. This site has undergone many changes and just recently me and my team have updated the content, as well as the site, to make it much more user friendly.

Essentially many of our members utilize the membership portal to provide quick answers, ideas and strategies to everyday issues that may be encountered. The depth of our information is extensive and overs a multitude of different yet critical informational categories.Call Center Best Practices Stats.

The value of the Call Center Best Practices Memberships is substantial.  Free is outstanding, but the Premium Content is the smart choice for the Call Center Professional.  Both Memberships are reviewed below:

What's Included With The FREE Membership
of Call Center Best Practices

Call Center Best Practices has been gathering and sharing Call Center, Contact Center and BPO content for several years now and we share a lot of it in our FREE membership.  This information will help you with your career in this business.

1000's of Articles and Over 36 Different Categories!

Call Center Best Practices has over 36 categories with over 1229 total best practice articles for your use. Or if you know specifically what you are looking for, you can simply perform a search.

All this information is offered under the FREE account sign-up. Can you imagine what the paid for membership offers?

The screen shot to the right was taken some time ago.  The content that has been added in 2013 is amazing, but the content that has been added in 2014 ia even more amazing.  I'll tell you why...

I've been consulting internationally in both BPOs and Call Centers and have established an astonishing level of amazing Call Center Best Practices, that you need to read about.  So don't delay!

PLEASE NOTE:  Although Articles, and Categories are Free To readers, we often expand on these ideas and provide additional charts, diagrams and presentations for further information.  These are often protected for our premium members.

Use Premium Content To Elevate Your Call Center

Consulting, Leadership Development and Identifying Efficiencies

One of my passions is developing call center leaders on many of the best practices shared by successful industry leaders. These are proven skills and tactics that deliver proven results. In fact, me and my teams used these 15 modules to knock off two other vendors clients were using and to dominate performance and the leader for all 5 of our major accounts with-in our company. This stuff works!

Above are the modules that we have covered, and that have been included into our Premium Content Membership. Please note that these 15 modules include both participant  and facilitator guides.

Check them out...

This use to be a product that was sold as a stand alone product, but just recently our team decided to add it into the membership program. If you decide to become a Gold member or above you will get access to these templates. :-)

Improve morale, Performance, and ultimately Goal Achievement

I originally put together Call Center Games to help team leads and other leaders utilize games and competitions to help foster a healthy, yet competitive environment that is focused on delivery exceptional performance results. Call Center Games provides performance competition templates to help drive sales, QA, Retention, CSAT, and other performance related KPI's.

More Tools For Premium Users

As a Premium Member you'll have access to tons of other valuable tools to make driving performance in your call center more robust.  Some of these tools include an online SMART Goals system, Inbound and OB models, and so much more!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your Satisfaction is guaranteed!, Our goal is to make your life easier and to provide outstanding content that will propel you and or your team to the next level of call center performance.  If for any reason, you decide that the Premium Content is not for you, then simply let me know, and I will make sure you will not receive another invoice. It is as simple as that!

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  • Call Center Performance Tools and Tactics

  • Complete Call Center Leadership Development Program

  • Call Center Motivational Templates

Greg Meares,

“Call Center Best Practices provides outstanding tools and resources for those in the call center industry that are looking for ideas and solutions with tried and tested methods to help drive performance.“

Here's What You Get When You Order Today:

  • 1000's of articles, spread out over 36+ Categories for Easy location
  • Complete 'Leading For Results' Front-Line Leadership Development Plan
  • Templates To Motivate and Increase Productivity for your Front-Line Agents
  • SMART Goals Online Form That Will Allow You To Set Objectives and Goals
  • Revenue and Costing Models To Help Determine Profitability and To Identify Your Costs
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Have A Question...? Get Common Answers Below

Below you'll find common questions and answers about both our free and premium membership.  Discover the power and value of becoming a member of Call Center Best Practices.  Your life will certainly get easier once you do.

  • Q.What Memberships Do You Offer?

    A.We have both a FREE and a Premium membership.  Your FREE access is limited to the articles and categories. The Premium membership cost $19.95 a month and allows you access to all of the tools, leadership training guides, motivational tactics and the webinars.

  • Q.How Do I Sign-Up?

    A.It’s Simple, right below these FAQ, you’ll find a button for each membership level.  Choose then one you want and it will take you under a minute to have full access to all of the material.

  • Q.What If I want To Cancel?

    A.It’s a simple process.  Simply use this form to send me and my team a message that you want to cancel and we will ensure that you are not billed any longer.

  • Q.Once I Sign-up How Do I Get All Of The Content?

    A.Based on your membership level determines which contact you have access to.  For the free membership, your content will be limited.  For the Premium membership you’ll have access to everything.

  • Q.How Can I Use The Leadership Development Modules?

    A.This is an amazing front-line leadership development program that was developed to bring newly hired team leads up to speed.  There are 15 participant modules and 15 facilitator modules (use this to formally train.)  Or this system can be used module by module based on your Call Center needs.

  • Q.What Are The SMART Goals Online Form All About?

    A.SMART goals stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, and Time-bound.  This is an extremely effective way for your team Leads/Supervisors to set specific and achievable goals. but this form online for easy access and completion.  Simply fill it in the export it.

  • Q.Call Center Webinars? What Is This?

    A.Throughout the month the Premium Content membership will have Call Center Webinars to discuss what is working right now.  Learn the tactics to drive performance, increase various KPIs and improve your center.

  • Q.Who Is Greg Meares and Why Should I Listen To Him?

    A.Greg has worked in the Call Center Industry for 24 years now and has run some very large and successful operations.  He currently is a Senior Consultant working globally, helping organizations all of the world improve their call center results.  He provides much of the same material that he charges his clients on this site for penny’s on the dollar.

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