5 Steps to Better Employee Relations

5 Steps to Better Employee Relations
By Brad Booysen


No business can afford to have unhappy employees. Employees who aren’t satisfied with their job are less productive and more likely to “spread” their unhappiness to others.

This creates an unpleasant atmosphere for everyone. That’s why good employee relations are critical to the success of a company or organisation.

Taking steps to maintain healthy employee relations is a win-win scenario for everyone. Employees are happier when they know a company is concerned about their needs, and companies get the benefit of greater productivity and a better working environment. What are some ways a company can foster better employee relations?

Be a good communicator

Good employee relations starts with good communication.

Make sure employees know what you expect from them and they understand verbally and in writing what their job responsibilities are and how to meet them. Keep them updated about any changes in policy that affect their job.

Most problems in businesses and organisations arise from lack of communication and clarity. If an employee isn’t performing up to expectations, let them know what they can do differently in a non-threatening manner. Make sure there are good channels of communication between employees, supervisors and managers.

Give praise when it’s deserved

Give employees positive reinforcement for a job well done. People are willing to go the “extra mile” when they know their hard work is appreciated. Something as simple as a verbal acknowledgement or a hand-written note can be a real morale lifter. Foster team spirit by rewarding strong team efforts too. This encourages everyone to work together and creates more workplace peace and harmony.

Keep them motivated

People thrive on challenges and become bored when a job becomes too routine. Help employees see how their work contributes to the “big picture” and what they do makes a difference. Give them a vision of where the company is going and the part they play in its success. Ask for their input and ideas. This not only improves employee relations, it creates “team spirit” as everyone comes together to work towards a common goal. Set goals for employees, and reward them when they meet them.

Give them skill-based training

Identify areas of weakness and design training programs to help employees gain the skills they need to perform better. This will improve productivity and motivate and challenge employees. Most people want to learn new skills and rise to new challenges. Give them the opportunity to do that. Training is an investment in a company’s future productivity and success.

Compensate fairly

Good employees need fair compensation. If employees don’t feel they’re being adequately compensated, they’ll be less productive or head for greener pastures. Giving rewards for greater productivity works for some companies as long as the criteria for getting those rewards are clearly defined. This is another way to challenge and motivate employees to do their best.

The bottom line?

To foster better employee relations, communicate with employees and show them how their contributions fit into the bigger picture. Give them the training they need to be better and compensate them fairly. Then challenge them to be better individually and as a team. Doing these things will increase productivity and create a more harmonious work environment.

Employee relations and employee health go hand in hand and can help your company reduce its business costs and improve team morale.

Brad Booysen is the founder and director of Triscope, a successful corporate wellness company.

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