Call Center Metrics

Call Center Metrics: Most to Least Impact

Making call center metrics count in your call center is mission possible, if you know which metrics matter, and which ones don’t. You would be surprised, if not shocked, by how many call center managers do not know how their call centers are performing? Less stunning is the lack of pertinent knowledge of supervisors. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the backbone of running any call center. They are the vital signs of your center’s life. Without a handle of them, you don’t know if you’re thriving or hemorrhaging, until it’s too late. Consequently, consider the metrics that are significant to performance.

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Call Center Inspection

Call Center Best Practice #1 Inspect What You Expect

As call center best practices go, this one could be argued if it is actually number one. I say yes, for many reason. But in any event, if you add this one to your arsenal then your teams with be that much better. And believe me, this one is harder to follow-through on than most. It requires dedication and a discipline to make sure that the positive ideas that have been put into place, stay in place.

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Call Center Interview Questions

What It Takes To Hire The Best People For Your Call Center

The best way to avoid firing the worst people in your call center, is to hire the best people. Easier said than done, right? Wrong!

Ensuring that you hire the best people largely depends on your hiring skills. You can prevent a lot of headaches when you learn this art well. If you have paid attention through your years of managing, you know that there are similar skills and talents that separate the good from the great agents in your call center. Simply put, you already have a profile of who the best people are for your team. On the other hand, by default, you know what prospects to decline. And, who can afford to train useless bodies?

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Call Center Supervisor

How to Earn a Promotion in Your Call Center

From time to time employees approach you asking for a promotion in your call center.  How do you respond?  What do you tell them?  Your response can be instrumental in the kind of infectious, positive call center culture you want to instill. To sum it

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Call Center Vendor Management

Outsourcing Call Volume: What You Need to Know About Your Vendor

Locating and choosing the proper vendor for your call center demands knowledge.  You need to know what you need from your vendor and you need to know what your ideal vendor can provide.  Consider the following 10 points: The search

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Call Center Training

3 Keys to Developing Frontline, Call Center Leaders

Frontline, call center leaders are key players in the success of your overall business strategy.  In most centers, do you realize that they represent the largest community of leaders?  Furthermore,  their impact on customer satisfaction, team morale, and center goal achievement cannot be understated. Question: how do you develop

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Manage Call Centers

10 Positive Ways to Effectively Manage Your Call Center

Effective call center management boils down to dealing with people: managers, agents and customers alike.  Supervisors must constantly be on the lookout for inefficiencies, particularly those that become cancerous, like low morale.  In order to combat negative tendencies that can become deadly habits, consider the 10 positive ways to effectively

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Call Center Leadership Communication

How to Respond to Your Customers Through Your Call Center Agents

The performance of your agents in your call center is where customer loyalty is won and lost. It is always about keeping a customer through selling a belief that the customer is receiving value. The customer experience requires attention to detail. More specifically, the interactions/conversations (words and tones) between agents

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Call Center Social Media

Integrating Social Media With Your Call Center Customer Service

To begin, let’s establish this fact, shall we: Call centers cease to exist when poor customer service persists.  Eventually, the word gets out and a reputation of terrible, first call resolutions (FCR) kills the business line at least, if not, the center entirely.  Take a look at the following quote

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Call Center Leadership

The 5 Best Practices of Call Center Leaders

Call center leadership has its challenges.  As you know, developing and maintaining a culture conducive for the ‘best practices’ of production is met with much resistance.  Problem focusing, negativity, apathy, absent-mindedness, and stagnation are resistances that can derail the best intended, most highly constructed, call center performance standards of practice

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