Call Center Supervisor

3 Actions For Call Center Supervisors To Take To Improve Your Sales Results Today

To improve your sales results in your call center, employ the 3 actions listed in this column: posting stack rankings, giving agents’ raises and specific training. These actions are not an exhaustive list, but they can make the most difference with the least effort.  Go for it!  Taking

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Call Center Inbound Sales

3 Tactics That Improve Call Center Inbound Sales

When call center supervisors contemplate how to improve call center inbound sales, they are wise to carefully consider the tactics to be used. Offering state­-of-­the-­art sales training to outperform the competition is typically the first idea considered because marginal to inadequate sales training seems to dominate the market. The

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Call Center Outsourcing

Is Call Center Outsourcing Beneficial To Your Bottom-line?

Call center directors in call centers everywhere explore paths of success regularly.  When considering the benefits of call center outsourcing,  determining if it is expedient to outsource call center services is based on metrics research of cost savings, higher profits, and process efficiency.  Accurately calculating the benefits successfully to

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Call Center Tactics

7 Call Center Tactics, Critical To Outperforming The Competition

Outperforming the competition requires critical, tactical steps in your call center.  There are a number of ways that you can train your employees to beat your competitors.  Examine the list of call center tactics that will offer results for outperforming your competition: Once

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Servant Leadership in Your Call Center

10 Questions To Consider For Servant Leadership In Your Call Center, Including a Bonus!

Unfortunately, when people reflect on leading a call center, they don’t often think of servant leadership.  It’s a terrible oversight!  The truth of the matter is that power models of leadership dominate the call center world.  And, those models of people management woefully miss opportunities for cultivating future,

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Call Center Supervisor

The Role of a Call Center Supervisor – Leading For Results

This module discusses the role of a supervisor, the qualities needed to be an effective supervisor, and duties performed by supervisors.   By the end of this module, you will be able to:  Describe the role of the supervisor in the organization, Understand and apply the expectations for all supervisors, and Understand and use the…

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Positive Leadership

Positive Leadership – Leading For Results

The Positive Leadership Module demonstrates the difference between influence and authority, the connection between self-esteem and success, helps develop motivational strategies, explains the power of positive reinforcement, and helps develop skills in dealing with change.  Positive Leadership is free for Premium Members.

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Listening Skills

Listening Skills – Leading For Results

The Listening Skills module describes how to identify your listening strengths and weaknesses, how to explain the process of active listening and empathic listening, and how to practice new listening skills.  By the end of this module, you will be able to:  Identify the importance of listening in the communication process,

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Communication Skills 101

Communication Skills 101 – Leading For Results

This module describes how using human relations skills and interpersonal skills will help individuals succeed. By the end of this module, you will be able to: Explain the impact of human relations on job performance and other workplace issues, Explain the forces that influence behavior at work and Understand and

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Communication 102

Communication Skills 102 – Leading For Results

This module describes the communications process and examines communications styles.  By the end of this module, you will be able to:  Explain the communications process, Avoid barriers to effective communications and Understand and apply communication styles to be more successful.  This module is free to premium members.

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