Manage Call Centers

10 Positive Ways to Effectively Manage Your Call Center

Effective call center management boils down to dealing with people: managers, agents and customers alike.  Supervisors must constantly be on the lookout for inefficiencies, particularly those that become cancerous, like low morale.  In order to combat negative tendencies that can become deadly habits, consider the 10 positive ways to effectively

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Call Center Leadership Communication

How to Respond to Your Customers Through Your Call Center Agents

The performance of your agents in your call center is where customer loyalty is won and lost. It is always about keeping a customer through selling a belief that the customer is receiving value. The customer experience requires attention to detail. More specifically, the interactions/conversations (words and tones) between agents

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Call Center Social Media

Integrating Social Media With Your Call Center Customer Service

To begin, let’s establish this fact, shall we: Call centers cease to exist when poor customer service persists.  Eventually, the word gets out and a reputation of terrible, first call resolutions (FCR) kills the business line at least, if not, the center entirely.  Take a look at the following quote

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Call Center Leadership

The 5 Best Practices of Call Center Leaders

Call center leadership has its challenges.  As you know, developing and maintaining a culture conducive for the ‘best practices’ of production is met with much resistance.  Problem focusing, negativity, apathy, absent-mindedness, and stagnation are resistances that can derail the best intended, most highly constructed, call center performance standards of practice

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Call Center Customer Service

7 Habits of Highly Successful Agents In Your Call Center

In this article, the habits that make up a successful call center agent are reviewed.  From my experience, having these habits helps determine the success of your call center.  Additionally, you can consider these call center best practices for those that are on your front-line.

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Call Center Customers

3 Expectations Every Customer Requires From a Call Center

What do customers require from call centers?  It’s a simple enough question and one with an obvious answer, correct?  Well, hold on there, Cowboy, you might be surprised. Whether you like it or not, there is a code to crack in the call center universe toward satisfying the wants of

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Call Center Agent

9 Interpersonal Characteristics of a Superior, Call Center Agent

Thinking about what interpersonal characteristics make for a superior, call center agent, I came up with a list of 9.  Trust me, I’ve seen my share of characters through the years.  Many of my top agents had less than admirable qualities: egomaniacal, self-centered, and all-around, adult-looking adolescents with small minds.

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Call Center CRM

5 Steps to Maximize a Successful, CRM Implementation In Your Call Center

CRM implementation can exponentially accelerate goal-achievement for your call center in the long run, but it can also solicit headaches as new programs are created and employed immediately.  The learning curve for each call center agent alone can be a 3-dimensional maze of confusion, frustration and lost time. To increase

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Customer Service

Providing a Helpful, Customer Service Experience In Your Call Center

Enjoying a helpful, customer service experience is our goal, both as call center, customer service providers and as customers ourselves.  As customers, we have customer service needs from time to time.  Various companies are servicing our accounts.  Many of these companies use call center agents to field their customer

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Call Center Agent

What One Metric Do All Frontline Call Center Leaders Need To Focus On To Drive Agent Performance

The one metric all front-line call center leaders need to drive agent performance is Average Handle Time (AHT).  AHT is a vital, operational indicator of your call center. To make this point clear, scheduling and calculating staffing needs rely on accurate, AHT data. A slight reduction in AHT in a

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