Call Center Training

Academy Bay Structure and Criteria

Here’s a brief outline to the A-Bay set-up for a more comprehensive description with report card then download at bottom of page. This will improve your Call Center Performance.

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Call Center Training

#1 Tactic to Improve Call Center Performance for New Hires

Making the transition from being trained to call center production is very nerve racking for the new hire. Instead of sitting there listening and answering a few question the Call Center Trainee now will have to receive or make calls to customers. This creates anxiety for the Call Center Trainee for a couple of reasons.

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Call Center Attrition

3 Steps To Reduce Attrition in Your Call Center

Call Center attrition is problematic. It’s costly, and it has the tendency to hold your call center’s performance stagnant. It just makes sense controlling it and managing attrition to sensible levels. As a consultant, it is one of the first areas I tackle, it has the greatest positive effect on cost and call center performance. In this article, I’m going to share the X steps I take to diagnose the extent of the problem and the approach I take to build an attrition reduction plan that works!

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Call Center Utilization

The Importance of Call Center Agent Utilization

Recently while on a client engagement, I was asked to identify areas of improvement for both their call center and telemarketing group. In doing so, I had to document current capacity and make recommendations based on their current state, offset by any identified process improvements.  From there, future state capacity requirements then could be identified.…

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Call Center Pillars

Execution is the issue 9 out of 10 times In Your Call Center

Recently I have been on assignment as a Sr. Consultant trying to assist a Call Center with making some very important transformational changes. This is good, I love this work. The challenge is always execution; I will get back to that in a minute. In reality there are three primary

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Kuala Lumpur

From Malaysia To The Philippines – My Update and Status

Over the past several months I’ve been somewhat underground… Perhaps, one could say that I’ve been absent, and that description may be true, but it wasn’t because I walked away from Call Center Best Practices, but because I was called upon to participate in something rather exciting.  Although I can’t

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Call Center Jobs

Call Center Jobs and Closures

Call Center Jobs and Closures for the week ending 3/24/2013. As a Call Center leader it is important to know and understand the recent news in our industry.  That includes new call center jobs and call centers that are closing down. This post covers those in the the news during

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Call Center Teamwork

Activity vs Results In Your Call Center

I use to have a boss that would say…”Don’t confuse activity with results!” At the time this made a lot of sense and I firmly believed in this philosophy.  But I discovered that it wasn’t black and white, like my bosses statement. Sometimes activity is good but only if it

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Who’s Training Your Call Center Agents? (Funny Video)

Watch The Video and Answer This Question? Who’s actually training your call center agents? [imaioVideo v=1] Enjoy the funny call center video and can you guess who the actor is in it? Click Here For an Effective Call Center Training Program Enjoy!   If you are ready for the next level of

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Manage y Walking Around

Call Center Leadership Success with MBWA

Many of the top Call Center leaders use a process called MBWA. Have you ever heard of this process? MBWA stands for Managing By Walking Around and it is a great way to stay connected with your call center teams. I actually learned about this method back in 1998 from

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